The Best Roulette Online in Honk Kong

When it comes to casino games, roulette is certainly one of the most recognisable and widely placed games in the world. If you walk into any land based casino anywhere in the world, chances are you will find a crowd of people watching the wheel spin and waiting for the ball to drop. With the arrival of online and mobile casinos, players in Hong Kong or anywhere in the world can play and win real money playing this incredible casino game at home or on the go. In the notes below we are going to explain how online roulette works and how you can get started playing for real money and winning big!

If you have played roulette before in live casino, you should have no trouble adapting to the online version of the game. For those players who have never played before, there is nothing to worry about. The basic rules of the game are easy to understand. In the online version of the game, players will encounter a screen that shows a large betting table and wheel that is divided into 37 pockets coloured in red and black. There are 36 red and black numbers with the 0 coloured in green. On the side of the table players will find their betting chips.

With online roulette the game begins with the player placing his or her bet on the table. This can be done by clicking on the chips and then clicking on the table where you want to bet. In this game, there are a number of betting options. For first time players, probably the easiest bet to place is a red or black bet. This is a bet where you are betting if the ball drops on either a red number or a black number. The payout for a red or black bet is even money.

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Roulette Betting Options

If you are looking for a high risk-high reward bet, online roulette offer a number of betting options with varying degrees of risk. Aside from red and black bets, players can also bet on odd number or even numbers. Players can also bet on whether the ball will drop on the first 12 numbers, the second or the 3rd set of 12 numbers. Perhaps the most difficult bet is betting on a particular number. The chances of landing this bet are low but the payout is extremely high.

Where to Play Online

Once a player has placed their bet on the table, they can click the spin button and the wheel will spin and the ball dropped. When the wheel has stopped spinning and the ball lands in the pocket, the winning bets are automatically payed out. If the ball drops on the green 0, the player also loses their bet. If you are keen to give online betting a try, here at online casino Hong Kong you can find a complete list of the best online and mobile casinos in Hong Kong where you can sign up and start playing your favourite casino games for real money straight away.